From 180.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

It is one of the best and most popular advertising means, as it is a ready-made advertising medium for all commercial specialties and various social and commercial events.

It is used for various commercial purposes such as malls, companies, offices, meeting and conference rooms to deliver advertising information to customers and others

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From 180.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة Select options

It is considered one of the most used products in various exhibitions and events, for the speed and ease of travel and transportation between different places.

It can also be used for social purposes as well as in wedding halls and special occasions.

Raya Al-Rowad Agency is characterized by providing the best types of roll-up made of aluminum and we also use printing with environmentally friendly inks with high clarity and accuracy and we print them on the matte white film with a distinctive material

A special roll up bag is available to facilitate the campaign and use it on more than one occasion, and you can also change the film and design to display various promotional messages.

The roll up is available in multiple sizes such as 85 cm * 200 cm, 120 cm * 200 cm, and 150 cm * 200 cm


size 120 * 200, size 150 * 200, size 85 * 200

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