indicative plates

From 160.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

We manufacture instructional panels in different ways, where we use acrylic thickness of 6 mm and we do a story with laser technology, where we can manufacture an acrylic panel in different colors or print a sticker and paste from the back to ensure its protection for a long time and we install the panel with a decorative nailer

There are also aluminum guide panels where we use aluminum thickness of 2 mm and we cut them according to the required sizes and cut the color stickers according to the required colors die cut

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indicative plates

From 160.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة Select options


Indicative signs for offices – signboards for hotels – indicative signs for commercial malls, centers, complexes and residential units

We can make interior panels from stainless, aluminum and acrylic.

  •  Installation prices are for installation inside the Dammam region only and does not include the crane (crane) if you request work for it.
  •  Free design service for the product
  •  The more panels required, the lower the unit price

100cm *100cm, 100cm *50cm, 30cm *20cm, 50cm *30cm

Plate type

Transparent Acrylic + Back Sticker, Aluminum panels + die cut stickers


Without installation, With installation

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