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    characters banner

    احصل على تسعيرة مخصصةالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

    There is no doubt that the distinctive lettering boards of all kinds are among the best means that make your facilities (your company – your institution – your trade fair) attractive and distinctive for their ability to force passers-by to look at them.
    We manufacture master lettering panels with high professionalism, where we use the finest materials for manufacturing and the best lighting and lighting materials to ensure that they are manufactured in the finest form and the best quality

  • Paintings and stickers

    felx banner

    احصل على تسعيرة مخصصةالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

    – We make your facility attractive and distinctive through (Flex panels) that we manufacture with wonderful designs and original and distinctive materials.
    We use Korean made flex (Flex Star).
    – Printing with original inks that lasts for a long time and is environmentally friendly.
    – The flex is tightened on the chassis of an iron tube of 2.5 cm * 2.5 cm.
    The back of the panel shall be closed with galvanized sheet, which is resistant to weathering and corrosion
    – The lighting of the panel is large, as we use 5 neon bulbs per square meter.
    • One year warranty on panels, lighting and printing.
    • Installation prices for installation inside the Dammam area only and does not include the crane if you request work for it.
    • Free design service

  • Paintings and stickers

    stickers print install

    From 50.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

    We use different types of stickers to suit your different choices and to suit the nature of the required business
    Where stickers are available for multiple uses (wall and wall stickers – glass stickers – car stickers – malls, exhibitions and shops stickers – stickers for promotional uses ….. and others)

  • Paintings and stickers

    Banner panels

    20.00 ر.س - 40.00 ر.س / per miterالأسعار تشمل الضريبة Select options

    We print the banners on the finest materials, high-quality printing, with the best techniques used for printing, to give high quality and distinct clarity, where we use environmentally friendly inks.
    The banner can be installed on site by making iron tubes (2.5 cm * 2.5 cm) and tightening them or installing with tension rings with ropes.
    You can use Banner panels for fences of projects – Banners for a project – Banners on buildings.
    The prices below include the installation service within the Dammam area and do not include the winch rental in the event that the installation requires a crane.

  • Paintings and stickers

    indicative plates

    From 160.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

    We manufacture instructional panels in different ways, where we use acrylic thickness of 6 mm and we do a story with laser technology, where we can manufacture an acrylic panel in different colors or print a sticker and paste from the back to ensure its protection for a long time and we install the panel with a decorative nailer

    There are also aluminum guide panels where we use aluminum thickness of 2 mm and we cut them according to the required sizes and cut the color stickers according to the required colors die cut

  • Paintings and stickers

    canvas banner

    From 150.00 ر.سالأسعار تشمل الضريبة

    For people with high taste and for fans of artworks and creative paintings, we print and copy your design on canvas panels with very high print quality and are environmentally friendly to get creative paintings that look like oil colors where you can use them as decorations for home or office.

    We can make a frame and a wooden frame to hold the paintings on
    We can provide large quantities for hotels

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