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The importance of owning personal cards, their materials and prices, and why do we acquire them?

The personal cards are one of the marketing methods for businessmen since the past periods until now. Personal cards are currently considered by some to have little impact compared to other advanced marketing methods. However, even if we are fair, there is no denying the role of personal cards in leaving an excellent first impression [...]

All you need to know about canvas paintings

What are canvas panels? Canvas is a coarse or soft textile fabric that is frequently used in tasks that may require strength, such as some bags, sail ships, and even some tents, etc. Also, a type of canvas is commonly used in painting and it is one of the most popular mediums that have been [...]

What is a brochure?

What is a brochure? A brochure is a booklet that contains descriptive materials or an advertisement and also contains a list of the name and the commodity to be advertised. The brochure consists of one folded page or several pages associated with each other and the main goal of using the brochure is advertising and [...]

What is the benefit of envelopes?

The envelope is an expressive interface for your company, the first way to identify the company, helps to enhance your efforts, enhance your brand image and support your marketing efforts. Raya Al Rowad Advertising designs and implements the envelopes at the best price and the best product   An envelope is a letter and postcard [...]

Printing books and magazines

Definition of books Books are first defined as those incubators that embrace information and experiences of all kinds and forms, in order to place them in the reader's hands. So that he can benefit from it, and above that it is distinguished by the arrangement of its contents; So that it graduates with the reader, [...]

Signboards of letters

We all see signs every day ... Yes, it is an essential part of life. Drive on the street and you will encounter road signs that indicate the speed at which you should drive or, for example, go to the nearest city and at the workplace. You will discover health and safety signs scattered here, [...]

What are e-commrece and why should you set up an ecommerce?

              Electronic stores are one of the leading and profitable projects in the business field, as is the case for Souq. If you want to build an entrepreneurial project, you must create an online store. What are electronic stores? The online store is simply a platform for selling and [...]

The role of publications in advertising

We all appreciate very well the role of the advertising media that all companies follow in all countries, as advertising has great importance in raising the material status of institutions and companies, which is achieved by mastering the propaganda and advertising of this facility. And publications are one of the means of publicity and advertisement. […]

Methods of advertising on the Internet

The development of the Internet has allowed more and more forms of Internet based advertising to be introduced into the market. In fact, today there are many different types of online ads that you can also incorporate into a similar marketing strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, increasing brand awareness and improving sales. [...]

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